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First National Database of Cardiac Ultrasound Studies Could Help Improve Care

ImageGuideEcho is now open for physicians to submit their heart ultrasound data and receive feedback.

Vijay Shankar Balakrishnan, Contributor
Thursday, February 15, 2018


Cardiologists across the United States use a variety of techniques to image heart function, from ultrasound to cardiac catheterization. However, the results from these techniques do not always point to a prognosis in line with patient symptoms, leading to a potentially low quality of imaging-based patient care.

To improve the situation, the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) has come up with ImageGuideEcho, the first registry for cardiologists specializing in ultrasound imaging of the heart. Launched Jan. 29, the registry allows U.S.-based doctors to submit anonymized patient data from ultrasound tests and receive feedback based on ASE's benchmark guidelines for better noninvasive cardiac imaging. While this service is gratis for ASE members, nonmembers are required to pay a $750 annual fee.

ImageGuideEcho is part of the expanding ImageGuide Registry database, developed by the American Society of Nuclear Cardiography (ASNC). In 2015, ASNC launched ImageGuide Nuclear, a registry for cardiologists specializing in nuclear imaging of the heart, as the first module of the ImageGuide Registry. If the database gathers enough cardiac imaging-based data, it could also be used for research purposes, such as to systematically review the advancement of the field of cardiac imaging or to revise clinical guidelines.