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This image portrays a gravedigger, Saidu Tarawally, at the Bombali Cemetery, located in the Bombali District of Sierra Leone, who was wearing his worn out personal protective equipment. At the time the photo was taken, and since the beginning of a recent Ebola outbreak, 950 people have been buried at this cemetery. Many of Saidu’s gravedigger colleagues had been driven from their homes, or faced intense stigmatization for their work. His body ached from the physical labor in the sun, where it was often above 100°F in March and April. Bombali was one of the hardest hit, most resistant areas in all of the response countries. Saidu was one of the unsung heroes of the Ebola response. This was one of the entries in the 2015 CDC Connects, Public Health in Action Photo Contest.

Source: Daniel Stowell/CDC. Public Domain image